Lego Life

LEGO Life app is a social network where children can share their creations, participate in challenges and interact with others. The social space has its protection and ensure the site remains child-friendly. My role in the team was to build a prototype and then test it with children from Aarhus International School.

User Experience

Target group:
Children from 5-7 years old

Designing for children

Lego Life app

How can we implement levels & challenges into the app so users aged between 5-7 years would understand?

Considerations: Children at the age of 5-7 are in the preoperational stage which means they think more in symbols as their language skills are still developing. We had to take this into consideration and also the fact that some of them can not read or write yet. They would observe colors, shapes and, images and then act upon their emotions.

Out loud testing/interview:
During our testing, we asked questions like:" Could you please draw me an xxx ? or What is your favorite game and how many levels does it have?"

or " How would you find a mission or quest to do?" Then we observed their behavior while navigating through the application and write down how easy or difficult was for them to accomplish each task.

Some of the kids aged 5 would for example not continue on the next level just because the button was not their favorite color! However, if their older friend/sibling would do so they would follow and explore it either. On the other hand, the majority of kids understood the difference between a friend (who they can connect via app) and a follower, as well as where to click on play button to get instructions on a challenge.