Hairstudio in Esbjerg, Jutland.

Overview & Design process

The studio itself exists for more than 20 years and has generated in this time a big loyal client base. They have requested to carefully update their Corporate Idenity without loosing its recognizabillity and explore new business opportunities. Another challenge was to create a plan how to attract younger clients who are in their 20's without breaking their business budget. To do that, I started analyzing the characteristics and perform qualitative & quantitave research. For the project structure, I worked and used methods from 101 Design Methods by Vijay Kumar which are based on seven distinct modes of the innovation process, where each mode has its own goals and activities.

Business Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Corporate identity
The goal was to develop a new marketing strategy, analyse their business and attract young customers from the age of 20-28 years old.
The challenge was that they could not afford to hire an extra full-time employees who could deliver high quality and fresh, modern hairstyles or take care of SoMe.

Research & ideation

The first challenge was to deeply understand the problem and work together on how to solve it with the resources they had. I interviewed some of their clients and gathered qualitative data which allowed us to construct customer journey mapping and empathy map. It was also necessary to analyze their competitors and business opportunities at this phase. To do so we used Business Model Canvas and Swot analysis.

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How might we and Morphological Synthesis

We have used methods like "How might we" and asking lot of "Why's" to generate possible solutions and ideas.

Morphological Synthesis is a design method technique used to encourage creative problem solving. It helped us to organize and list user needs, user activities, service or product function during ideation phase.

The Solution

After evaluations and meetings with the owners and stakeholders, we came up with a strategy to create an Avantgarde Academy for only Top Hairdresser Students. These students would be "tested" in a school competition before receiving the internship. That would help the company to keep high quality service and give opportunity to young talented students to get valuable experience. I have also introduced some marketing campaigns like Mother-Daughter Days, Referral Program, and cooperating with high-class wedding agencies.
In addition to that, the other deliverables were:
  • New Design Guideline + example Photos
  • An updated Corporate Identity
  • Social Media & Instagram Guide
  • Web Design Mockup
  • Price List & Instagram Guide

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