Think aloud - Example Script

UX, Usability testing


Make sure to make them feel comfortable and in ease. Remind them that we are here to test our product, not them. There are no wrong answers!
Examples of sentences you might use:

  • Thank you for participating in this research/session.
  • This interview will be recorded and used for our development research only.
    Do you agree with it ?
  • I kindly ask you to think aloud as you interact with our app/product. It will help us to understand your thoughts and learn more about what can be improved in our app/web.
  • Please be honest and do not be afraid to tell us what you do not like. This isn’t a test of you, it’s a test of how well we have designed this.
  • Do you have any questions before we start?

Getting to know the user

Following question will help you understand more about the user

  • How often do you exercise/travel/shop?
  • Do you go to fitness center or do you train outside? Which center do you visit? How often?
  • Do you use any apps for exercising?
  • What is your favorite app at the moment?


Below are the tasks we want our users to complete during the test.

  1. Please spend a few minutes looking around and then tell me your first impression ?
  2. How would you sign up and create new profile in the app?
  3. Where would you go to view the gym facilities?
  4. Can you tell me where you would go to purchase a 3-months membership?
  5. How would you book a session with personal trainer ? (Where did you expect it to be? And why?)
  6. Can you tell me the opening hours of the center?



Now is the time to understand what the user thought of the app and of the user testing session.

  1. Is there something you would improve or change ?
  2. What do you like about the app?
  3. What do you dislike about it?
  4. What is the one thing that would make you use the app more?


  • Thank you, you have answered all of our questions.
  • Thank you again for participating! You will receive your reward in your email today!
  • We are happy you have shared your thoughts with us!
  • We are happy you have shared your thoughts with us!